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Exhibitions are a huge chance for you to reach out to potential customers, investors, likeminded business people, students and more. To ensure that you make the impact that you need to on people within five seconds of them glancing at your exhibition setup, you can use our exhibition walling.

At Gala Graphics we help companies to create the finest atmosphere and most informative place for people to learn about your services, your products and your brand. Exhibition walling from our selection will provide you with a high-quality finish, easy-to-pack and transportable exhibition wall.

What makes our fabric exhibition walling different from standard exhibition walling?

You may have perceptions that exhibition walls are heavy, cumbersome and almost impossible to pack up after the event. Our fabric exhibition walling utilises a light and versatile material that can be assembled and packed up when it is required.

From the fold-away panels and easy-to-transform wall setup to the sturdy frame and high definition print, we are certain you will get the best out of our exhibition walling. We are passionate about our ability to create completely bespoke exhibition walling designed to attract people to your stand with ease.

There are plenty of options for you to choose from which will ensure a beautiful and welcoming stand at your next event. To discuss these options and the range of other products we can offer, get in contact with us.