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You will have seen them at exhibitions and events over the past couple of years and perhaps you have wondered why – why do companies insist on bring printed selfie boards for their events. The benefits of choosing a printed selfie board from our service at Gala Graphics are vast and allow you to network, generate social media shares and provide you with a range of pictures to use across your website and social media outputs.

We create printed selfie boards from our Love Your Local Market to ensure that you have something that is fresh, professional and shows off your branding in the best light. A selfie board is much like a frame and will give people the chance to display your branding while taking a selfie. It is that simple to better your branding and to increase the connections you create at an event.

How to make the most of our printed selfie boards for events?

As part of our Love Your Local Market range, we have been providing our printed selfie boards for events across the UK. It is simple and easy for us to create a friendly and welcoming addition to your marketplace or council without breaking the bank.

To find out more about our products at Gala Graphics, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.