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The appearance of your event may not be exactly how you imagined it in your mind. Once you’ve assembled the gates, the metal barriers and safety equipment, it will lose some of its charm. That’s why every event from Christmas markets, festivals, shops with scaffolding outside and many more are choosing to invest in fabric banners.

At Gala Graphics we are the team that you call when you are looking to buy fabric banners and have them customised to your specific needs. Our aim is to make sure that every little aspect of your event comes across in a professional and welcoming manner with a set of fabric banners.

Here are range of options available with our fabric banners:

  • Size: Select the width and length from 1m x 1m up to 10m x 6m. Whether you are covering a metal gate or the complete surroundings of your event, we have the size you need.
  • Thickness: Two types of GSM are there to offer you a superior option when it comes to your fabric banners.
  • Customisable: Every inch of our fabric banners at Gala Graphics can customised with our high-impact design.
  • Washable: After the event, you can use it again next year, next month or when the weather improves. Easy to wash fabric makes our banners a great option.

Discover the potential of our fabric banners by speaking with our professional team today.